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I believe all of our fellow cowboy action shooters can benefit from the policy offered by Eastern Insurance and their Vice President, Jack Richardson. He has been great getting me information, answering questions, and starting my policy.


  1. Eastern's policies for gun owners, collectors, and competitors are backed by Chubb and Hanover, two robust insurance companies.
  2. The "Unscheduled Blanket Coverage" is the policy that I believe might serve most of our needs best:
    • Other than individual guns worth $10,000 or more, no guns have to be scheduled, meaning no serial numbers or pictures or descriptions need to be filed with Eastern.
    • In the event of theft (from home, car, motel, etc.) Eastern does require that the police be called and that a police report be filed.
    • Eastern charges a $100 deductible per occurrence (per event), NOT per gun.
    • The annual cost of this policy is $125 for $35,000 coverage!
  3. Procedures to Follow:
    • Open the attachment, run a hard copy, and complete page 3, the questionnaire.
    • If any cowboy/cowgirl suspects they live in an earthquake zone, they may receive a quote back that says "$25,000 coverage." I turned down the earthquake coverage by writing "exclude earthquake coverage" at the bottom of the questionnaire, and my policy returned to the $35,000 coverage level.
    • FAX the questionnaire, "Attention Jack Richardson," to the fax number of 508-647-3266
    • Call Jack at 1-800-545-9326 ext.59398, and give him your credit card number. After he reviews the questionnaire (mine took two minutes) he will bind the policy and the insurance takes effect immediately. (Jack is south of Boston, so adapt for eastern time zone phone calls.)

While it is sad that any of us should need protection of this type, it strikes me that Eastern's policy costing so little for so much coverage is an affordable protection.

Thanks for getting this e-mail and attachment out to everyone interested!

Bucket of Blood
(Michael Fahs; cell = 805-441-8700)

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