How to Use the Scrolling Window

Move your mouse pointer over the up or down arrows to scroll the contents of the window. When you move your mouse pointer off of the arrow, it will stop the scrolling. When the scrolling is stopped, you can click on any links in the message. The old menu structure still works, so you can access scores, photos, club info, annual matches, etc. the way you always have.

If You Missed Something

If you missed something that was in the scrolling window but now it's gone, don't despair. Scores and photos can be accessed through the Scores and Photos menus. Non-current scores and photos can be accessed through the Archives submenus. (Note: Scores from the archives will be Excel spreadsheets. If you don't have Excel, you can download the free Excel Viewer to view them: Excel Viewer download page.

If you missed a news item, access the Old News page through News...Old News in the menus.

How to Submit Photos

I welcome match photos from anyone who has them. Please identify the match or event in your email and the cowboys and cowgirls in the photos. If possible, please keep photo sizes to no more than 640 x 480 pixels each. If your photos are available on a photo-sharing website, please email me a description of the event and the link to your pictures.

How to Submit Ads

If you have an item you want to sell or want to buy, send me an e-mail and I will post an ad for you. Notices will remain posted for at least one month. Only submit items that are related to shooting and CAS. You may include photos. Please reduce them in size to 640 x 480 pixels maximum. No commercial postings.

How to Submit Scores

If you're going to submit scores to be posted, please use one of these templates. You must have Microsoft Excel 97 or a later version or a compatible program to use these templates. If you don't have Excel, please contact me to discuss how to submit your scores (

How to download
There are two templates:
RankTemplate_97_6_Stage.xls (Updated 10/10/11), which has six stages and up to 60 shooters, and
RankTemplate_97_14_Stage.xls (Updated 10/10/11), which has 14 stages and up to 150 shooters.
To download one of these templates, click on the link. It will cause the template to be opened in Excel. Then save the file on your computer.

Rank points
These files are called Rank Template... because they calculate rank points. You may score your match either by rank points or by total time using these templates, and they will display both total time and rank points. To score on one or the other, select all of your data cells and sort either on Total Time or Total Rank, as you wish. Many shooters find it interesting to see how their times ranked relative to other shooters even if the match is being scored on total time. The 97 in the name refers to the fact that these templates have been saved in Excel 97 format, so they are compatible with your older version of Excel.

Do not enter spaces in numeric fields

When entering data into these templates, do not enter spaces in number fields. If there is no value for a field, just tab or arrow past it. If the value is zero, you may enter a zero or nothing, but do not enter a space. Excel doesn't know what to do with a non-numeric value in a numeric field. If you enter a space, the spreadsheet will show ##### in some of the calculated fields.

SASS suggests that for rank point matches, stage disqualifications be entered as 999.00 and match disqualifications be entered as 999.99 for each stage. For total time matches, SASS suggests that a stage disqualification be scored as the sum of all possible misses for the stage plus 30 seconds. For a 10-10-4 stage, 24 misses would be 120 seconds, plus 30 seconds, yielding 150 seconds for the stage. SASS doesn't suggest how to score a match disqualification in a total time match, but 999.99 for each stage should work. Please enter the disqualification scores as a raw time. Do not try to enter it as a combination of penalty times and misses as that's just confusing.

Expanding and contracting the templates
If, for example, your match has five stages and 30 shooters, you'll not need to use all the columns and rows. If you're not going to use the spreadsheet for anything other than submitting the scores to me, then just leave them blank, and I'll handle it. If you want to print your spreadsheet or otherwise want it trimmed down, you'll need to delete the unused rows and columns. If you just delete rows for unneeded shooter lines, just delete them. If you want to delete, say, the sixth stage, first delete the columns. Your spreadsheet will show #REF! in cells that have a calculation that used data from the sixth stage. Select all of your active cells in your spreadsheet, and enter ctrl-h. That will bring up the Find and Replace window. Type +#REF! in the Find what space and nothing in the Replace with space, and click on Replace All. If your match had bonuses, select all of your active cells in your spreadsheet again, and enter ctrl-h. That will bring up the Find and Replace window. Type -#REF! in the Find what space and nothing in the Replace with space, and click on Replace All. That should eliminate the #REF! and ##### in all of the cells.

If you have more shooters than the template has, select the entire bottom row of cells in your spreadsheet. Then move your mouse pointer to the lower-right corner of the last cell on the right. You should see a solid, as opposed to an outline, plus sign. While it's showing the solid plus sign, click and drag your mouse pointer down the number of rows you need to add, and then release the mouse button. That should add the shooter rows with all the appropriate formulas.

If your match doesn't have bonuses on one or more stages, simply right-click on the top of each bonus column, separately, and then left-click on Hide. That will hide that bonus column without messing up any formulas.

Additional comments
I know doing scores can be a pain in the neck. Using these templates will not make it any more difficult for you, but it will make it much easier for me. Since I have to deal with scores and photos for eleven clubs each month, I spend a significant amount of time putting them up on the website when you use the templates and a ridiculous amount of time putting them up if you don't use the templates. So, please help me help you get your scores posted.

If you have any questions or problems dealing with your scores, please contact me before you invest a lot of time struggling with it or doing it wrong. I'm happy to help you with the process.

Thank you,

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How to View Archived Scores

Archived scores are stored as Excel files. If you want to view archived scores but don't own Excel, you can download a free Excel viewer here: Excel Viewer Download

How to Link to Scores

If you would like to link to scores on this website from your website, you are welcome to do so. Scores are stored on this website in three ways. The most recent scores for a club are stored in an .htm (website) file. Also, there is an .xls (Excel spreadsheet) and a .pdf (Adobe Portable Document Format) version available for downloading. After scores are available for a more recent match, the .htm and .pdf files for the previous match are no longer available. Therefore, if you want a link to scores that will be valid for longer than a month, or in some cases a couple of weeks, it's best to link to the .xls version. These files are stored in a folder named scores. Therefore the link will be: You can find the format for the filename in the table below:

Club Name Match Day filename Format filename Example
California Rangers 2nd Saturday yyyymmddCAR.xls 20091114CAR.xls
Gold Country Wild Bunch 3rd Saturday yyyymmddGCWB.xls 20091121GCWB.xls
Hangtown Vigilance Committee 2nd Friday & 4th Sunday yyyymmddHVC.xls 20091113HVC.xls
High Sierra Drifters 2nd Sunday yyyymmddHSD.xls 20091108HSD.xls
Murieta Posse 3rd Sunday yyyymmddMP.xls 20091115MP.xls
River City Regulators 1st Sunday yyyymmddRCR.xls 20091101RCR.xls
Shady Ladies 4th Saturday yyyymmddSL.xls 20091128SL.xls
Sloughhouse Irregulars 5th Saturday & 5th Sunday yyyymmddSI.xls 20091129SI.xls
The Outlaws 1st Saturday yyyymmddTO.xls 20091107TO.xls
Two Rivers Posse 1st Saturday & 4th Sunday yyyymmddTRP.xls 20091122TRP.xls

So, for example, if you wanted to link to the November Murieta Posse scores, the filename would be 20091115MP.xls and the HTML code for the link would be:

<a target="_blank" href="">Murieta Posse November Scores</a>

Microsoft offers a free Excel viewer for those who don't have Excel on their computers. You may want to include a link to that download. Note: if you include the download, check it from time to time, as Microsoft updates the software and the web page location occasionally. The HTML code for the link is:

<a target="_blank" href="">Excel Viewer Download</a>

At this point, I have no plans to change the scheme described here. However, nothing stays the same forever. If you let me know that you are linking to scores on this website, I'll let you know if anything changes. Also, feel free to ask any questions.



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