SASS CA State Wild Bunch WhoSASS CA State Championship Registration
SASS CA State Championship
SASS CA State Wild Bunch WhoSASS CA State Championship Who
Wild Bunch

Costume Contest: Flyer with rules and information!

ROI and ROII Classes: Wednesday April 26th, 2017 by Marlin Schofield!

Hotels and Places to Stay: Near Sacramento Valley Shooting Center.

Vendors: Shopping at the match!

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Wild Bunch - Who's Coming:

  1. Deputy Mark, Senior Modern
  2. Sutter Lawman, Senior Modern
  3. Sackett, Senior Traditional
  4. Nugget Man, Senior Modern
  5. Dakota Drifter, Modern
  6. Locke E. The Ranger, Modern
  7. Deputy Dan, Modern
  8. Bordello Fellow, Traditional
  9. Wain Wright, Senior Modern
  10. Panhandle Place, Senior Traditional
  11. Steeley Eyes Mike, Modern
  12. Owl Eye Olga, Lady Traditional
  13. Napa Sidewinder, Senior Modern
  14. Jimmy Frisco, Modern
  15. Molly Magoo, Lady Modern
  16. Rum Walker, Modern
  17. Grizzly Peak Jake, Senior Traditional
  18. Wolf Taylor, Modern
  19. Tully Mars, Modern
  20. Wobblin Bob, Senior Modern

There are many places to go and visit in Sacramento, but these have been selected for the proximity to local
hotels and The Match. Keep a eye out as we will try to add more info to this map!

Sacramento Valley Shooting Center
15501 Meiss Road
Sloughhouse CA 95683

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