High Sierra Shootout 2017 May 25th - 28th

Main Match
Spirit of the Game: Dutch Dalton
Top Gun Men's: Dutch Dalton
Top Gun Lady: Molly Magoo

MenŐs: Dutch Dalton
Ladies: Napa Belle

Wild Bunch
Lady Modern: Molly Magoo
Modern Men's: Wolf Taylor
Modern Men's Senior: Wobblin' Bob
Traditional Men's: Cordite
Traditional Men's Senior: Sackett

"Fire in the Hole" Black Powder Night Shoot:
Top Purveyor of the Black Men's: Fanner Fifty
Top Purveyor of the Black Lady: Buckaride Woodie

Pharos 52:1 Springfield 1911 Raffle Winner: Blackhorse Slim

Congratulations to Badman Bob, Fiddletown Flash, J.W. Trader, Rum Walker, Sackett, Sierra Sixgun, Zutter Lawman and Wobblin' Bob on shooting a clean match!
(It's not a clean match if you got a procedural or a safety.)

Congratulations to Deputy Dan and Wobblin' Bob on shooting the Wild Bunch Match Clean!

SCORES: Overall by Time
Overall by Category
Wild Bunch
Night Shoot by Time
Night Shoot by Category

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