Practice at Diamond Dick's Cowboytown

Diamond Dick's Cowboy Town is available for practice when the following requirements have been met:

  1. Must be a Voting Member of Folsom Shooting Club, Inc./dba Sacramento Valley Shooting Center.
  2. Must be a member of Diamond Dick's Cowboy Town or a member of an individual club at DDCT.
  3. New shooters without match experience must receive an orientation from the Sheriff.
  4. When shooting for practice at DDCT, there must be at least two persons present. The second person does not have be shooting.
  5. Must check in at the Main Range Office, sign the waiver form and pay the fees. $9.00 per voting member shooter or $17 per non-voting member or non-member shooter.

To arrange for a SASS new shooter's orientation at DDCT, contact Jimmy Frisco by sending an email to, or by calling (209) 296-4146.  


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