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SASS CA State Championship
SASS CA State Wild Bunch WhoSASS CA State Championship Who

Master Gunfighter Stage: Sutter Lawman's specialty - you will enjoy it!

Costume Contest: Flyer with rules and information!

ROI and ROII Classes: Wednesday April 25th by Marlin Schofield!

Doc Shapiro Shooting School: Thursday April 26th

Hotels and Places to Stay: Near Sacramento Valley Shooting Center.

Vendors: Shopping at the match!

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Cowboy Action - Who's Coming:

  1. Sinful, 49er
  2. Sutter Lawman, Elder Statesman
  3. Ol' Dollar, Senior Gunfighter
  4. High Road, Senior Gunfighter
  5. Tex Wayland, Silver Senior
  6. Shenandoah, Cattle Baron
  7. Sackett, Senior Gunfighter
  8. Nugget Man, Silver Senior cancelled
  9. Texas Mick, Cattle Baron
  10. Tucson Smith, B-Western
  11. Fanner Fifty, Senior Gunfighter
  12. Locke E. The Ranger, Young Gun
  13. Dakota Drifter, Wrangler
  14. Deputy Dan, 49er
  15. Tumbleweed Ed, Senior Duelist
  16. Roger Rapid, Cattle Baron
  17. Bordello Fellow, Senior Duelist
  18. Tres Pinos, Classic Cowboy
  19. Querida, Lady Duelist
  20. Wolf Creek Bodine, Silver Senior
  21. Panhandle Place, Silver Senior
  22. Wain Wright, Elder Statesman
  23. Sheiff Wil Katchum, Silver Senior
  24. Owl Eye Olga, Lady Senior
  25. Scratch, Elder Statesman
  26. Jimmy Frisco, Senior
  27. Rum Walker, Senior
  28. Molly Magoo, Lady Senior
  29. Frank D Barrels, Senior
  30. Grizzly Peak Jake, Frontier Cartridge Duelist
  31. De Sabla Don, Grand Patron
  32. Dead Eye Maverick, Silver Senior
  33. Not So Dead Eye Maverick, Lady Senior
  34. Big Dog Jim, Elder Statesman
  35. Jasper Kirby, Elder Statesman
  36. Johnny Meadows, B-Western
  37. Frank Stilwell, Senior Duelist
  38. Mudvill Slim, Silver Senior
  39. Sweet Cream, Lady Silver Senior
  40. Jokers Wild, Wrangler
  41. Wolf Taylor, 49er
  42. Footloose Phil, Cattle Baron
  43. Tully Mars, Gunfighter
  44. Slo Mo Steph, Lady 49er
  45. Sierra Rider, Elder Statesman
  46. Handy Chambers, Elder Statesman
  47. Pancho Sin Lefty, Cattle Baron
  48. Wobblin Bob, Elder Statesman
  49. Dutch Dalton, Silver Senior
  50. Salinas Cowboy, Silver Senior
  51. Sunflower Sue, Grand Dame
  52. Blaz N Bill, Senior Duelist
  53. Rough Rider Rich, B-Western
  54. Redwood Kid, Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter
  55. Short Fuse Tucker, B-Western
  56. Rattleback Will, Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter
  57. Sierra Steve, Cattle Baron
  58. K B Pistolero, Senior
  59. Mortimer Pestle, Silver Senior
  60. Abiline Drifter, Senior Gunfighter
  61. Wyatt B Wright, Frontier Cartridge Duelist
  62. Blackhorse, Senior Frontier Cartridge
  63. Snowshoe Thomson, B-Western
  64. Wil Cooner, Frontier Cartridge Duelist
  65. Sanddab Sam, Senior Frontier Cartridge
  66. Juss Slim, Senior
  67. Blueridge Kid, Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter
  68. Wildcat John, Frontiersman
  69. Poky Okie, Lady Senior Duelist
  70. Cordite, Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter
  71. Banjo Kim, Senior
  72. Doc Shapiro, 49er
  73. Miner 49er Todd, Senior Duelist
  74. Bad Shot Scotty, Silver Senior
  75. John Carson Hartin, Elder Statesman
  76. Mattel Sackett, Senior
  77. Lefty Eastman, Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter
  78. Steeltown Duke, Wrangler
  79. Badman Bob, Elder Statesman
  80. Sawmill Slim, Cattle Baron
  81. Napa Sidewinder, Silver Senior
  82. Napa Belle ,Lady Silver Senior
  83. Sgt. Maj. O'Donnell, Classic Cowboy
  84. Bloody Bill Anderson, Grand Patron
  85. Wichita Belle, Grand Dame
  86. Royal Flush, Senior
  87. Paniolo Lady, Cattle Baroness
  88. Nyack Jack, Silver Senior
  89. Lady Gambler, Lady Frontier Cartridge
  90. Allie Mo, Lady B-Western
  91. El Lazo, Silver Senior
  92. Sweettooth Kelley, Frontier Cartridge
  93. Half Fast Rusty, Senior Gunfighter
  94. Morgun Play, Silver Senior
  95. Doxie Mae Azwell, Lady Senior
  96. Jacob, Young Gun
  97. Deacon Doug, Classic Cowboy
  98. Ogallala Kid, 49er
  99. Southpaw Gringo, Cowboy
  100. Rattlesnake Wayne, Duelist
  101. John Ringo, 49er
  102. Calamity Annie, Cowgirl
  103. Cow Creek Kid, Gunfighter
  104. Muleskinner Pat, Elder Statesman
  105. Brushwacker, Cattle Baron
  106. The Kid With No Name, Buckaroo
  107. Ten Beers, 49er
  108. Chance McCall, Classic Cowboy
  109. Carmichael Kid, Cowboy
  110. Buckshot Jack, Elder Statesman
  111. Tinsmith, Frontier Cartridge
  112. Speedy McDraw, Gunfighter
  113. Redwood Rose, Lady 49er
  114. Lefty Longridge, Senior
  115. Lusty Lil, Lady Senior
  116. Camp Hag, Cowgirl
  117. Coyote Carson, 49er
  118. Legally Loaded, Lady Wrangler
  119. Jeremiah Jonathan, Senior
  120. Brothel Bill Repute, Frontier Cartridge
  121. Jasper Agate,Frontier Cartridge Duelist
  122. Fabby Burnett, B-Western
  123. Bad Eye Bobolu, Cattle Baron
  124. RIP Destiny, Frontier Cartridge
  125. Cardiac Kate, Lady 49er
  126. Bangor Brink, Frontier Cartridge
  127. San Joaquin Shootist, Senior
  128. Doc Burwood, 49er
  129. Morguns Ann Ammo, Young Gun Girl
  130. Pa Burwood, Cattle Baron
  131. Lucas McDennis, Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter
  132. Rusty Shotgun, Senior Duelist
  133. LR jr, Elder Statesman
  134. Lefty Vaquero, 49er
  135. TJ Tucker, Gunfighter
  136. El Roberto, Silver Senior
  137. Buckhorn Woodie, Senior Frontier Cartridge
  138. Salt Pork Steve, Silver Senior
  139. Boss Hays, B-Western
  140. Atadcadero Pistolero, Senior Gunfighter
  141. Terrible Tom, Gunfighter
  142. Renegade Rider, Senior
  143. The 'Kiwi" Kid, Wrangler
  144. Pinebox Peddler, no category at this time

There are many places to go and visit in Sacramento, but these have been selected for the proximity to local
hotels and The Match. Keep a eye out as we will try to add more info to this map!

Sacramento Valley Shooting Center
15501 Meiss Road
Sloughhouse CA 95683

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