Dry Gulch at Arroyo Cantua - April 25-28, 2013 - Costume Contest and Spirit of the Game Awards

Scores by Category

Overall Scores

Side Match Scores

Costume Contest Men Ladies
Wild Bunch Man Black Horse Hick Mountain Honey
B Western Boss Hayes Dusty Shootin' Irons
Working Cowboy Chance McCall Hick Mountain Honey
Victorian Day Eamon Chute Not so Dead Eye Maverick
Evening El Dabo (AKA Sand Dab Sam) Hick Mountain Honey
Evening Couple Bo Encinos Cillia Sarsaparilla
Spirit of the Game
Posse 1 Sheriff Winchester
Posse 2 Clora Form
Posse 3 Sackett
Posse 4 Bangor Brink
Posse 5 Deputy Ray
Posse 6 Dusty Shootin' Irons